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Mattress company hires professional mattress jumpers
 High end mattresses cost a lot of money because they are more comfortable and they last longer than the mass produced mattresses.

Did you know that those high end mattresses are not only handmade, but are made by foot as well? An employee who is a professional mattress jumper, actually gets paid to jump on the mattress one hundred times in order to compress the 28 layers of cotton batting.

Reuben Reynoso is a mattress jumper at the McRoskey mattress factory in San Francisco. His job begins by placing a protective mat over the mattress in order to keep the fabric brand new without footprints. Then he jumps on the mattress.

Reynoso cannot just randomly jump on the mattress like kids love doing on their beds at home. He has to jump in a certain pattern so that the mattress stays even all the way around.

He starts by jumping in one row, five jumps forward and five jumps backwards. He then moves up a bit and does it again until he covers the whole mattress.

Reynoso has to make sure he doesn’t jump on it too much or too little in one place. Balance is key in a job like this, as too many jumps can compress the mattress too much, while too few jumps can cause it to be uneven and cause a problem in the final sewing process.